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January 2021

Looking For Alaska 'Light and Shadow' Album Release Tour

Looking For Alaska ‘Light and Shadow’ Album Release Tour

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Looking For Alaska are on tonight at the club! This Hamilton folk-pop duo has turned heads and hearts with their sound rooted in country-style guitar and soaring harmonies and intense on-stage chemistry. They’ve just released their second album, Light and Shadow.

Tickets $15 pre-sale, $20 on the door.

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Ronél Hunter and Raylee Bradfield Southern Summer Tour

Ronél Hunter and Raylee Bradfield Southern Summer Tour

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Ronél Hunter returns to the musos club with Raylee Bradfield on their Southern Summer Tour. This engaging, thought-provoking twin singer-songwriter experience can be yours for just $23 a ticket + booking fee here.

Jenny, Maegan and Nicola Summer Tour 21

Jenny, Maegan and Nicola Summer Tour 21

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Jenny, Maegan & Nicola Mitchell – INVERCARGILL

@ Southland Musicians Club

Southland friends, we are finally bringing our Grainstore Sessions Tour to you! As part of a short run of Summer shows, we’ll be playing at the mighty Southland Musicians Club on Feb 19th.
General Admission – $20
Children/Students – $15
As always, there will be a bar operating at the back of the club.
A show is suitable for all ages, full of original tunes + a selection of songs from our early days. Hope to see you there

Album Review - The Dense

Album Review – The Dense

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The Dense
Independent release
Reviewed by Chris Chilton

Southland music fans who’ve had an eye on the relentless rise of The Dense won’t be disappointed with their eponymous, first full album-length release.
The Invercargill-raised alt-rock/powerpop trio may find themselves scattered throughout the country as 2021 dawns but their debut album reveals a musical force that’s singularly assured in its direction and execution.
First and foremost, the album sounds great. Recorded at Studio 236 in Dunedin by Peter Molteno, the album is clean and punchy, giving The Dense’s engaging, hook-laden songs and tight musicianship a sparkling platform.
The band – bassist/vocalist Nepia Ruwhiu, guitarist Liam Fairbairn, and drummer Jack Shaw – have their act down tight, and Molteno has given them a beautifully balanced mix that allows the individual moving parts freedom and space to shine.
The Dense’s decent tunes and catchy riffs are backed up by Ruwhiu (mostly) and Fairbairn’s compelling vocals, Fairbairn’s energetic guitar heroics slash and shimmer across the soundstage and the whole tight package is driven by the irresistible rhythm section of Ruwhiu and Shaw.
I love the guitars right through this album. Fairbairn has great sounds going and his intuitive, edgy rhythm and picking style was custom-built for the three-piece format.
There are many sonic gems to be found amongst the 11 tracks, but the album stands up as a truly consistent collection of music.
Any one of Leave It To Me, Glimourance (good luck finding the meaning of that on Google), Butcher the Butcher, Last Night and Trust Issues stacks up as a strong radio-ready single, and Shanty Town would too if the station could handle the joyous f-word vocal refrain in the chorus.
There’s a degree of elegance and sophistication in the understated ode to refined kai Jameson and Chowder.
The band members’ punkish proclivities can be heard in Nixie Knoxx and Kid Evil, which still manage to sound ridiculously catchy, and the album draws to a satisfying conclusion with the harmonies stacked high on the epic chorus of Budweiser Jones.
I reckon this album’s going down as an Invercargill classic. It has some of the punky fundamentals of that other Invercargill three-piece Pretty Wicked Head and the Desperate Men’s early 90s album New Age Savage and is similarly eclectic, but it’s infused with more sunshine and less of a subversive dark edge. It stands repeated listening, and the songs invite themselves inside your head without ever overstaying their welcome. It’s a fun ride.
Search out The Dense on Spotify.

Q&A with The Dense
Q: When did you start writing the songs?
A: We’ve been playing some of the songs for as long as four years.

Q: What’s your usual process for songwriting as a band – collaborative or individual?
A: Typically Liam brings an idea to the band and we develop it as a threesome.

Q: How long has The Dense been a thing?
A: The Dense started in 2016

Q: Liam is based in Invercargill, Nepia’s in Dunedin, and Jack’s in Wellington. How’s the distance thing working for you as a band?
A: To be honest the distance is shithouse but we love playing music so we make it work. It does open up opportunities to play in some different places though.

Q: Invercargill is a shit town – discuss …
A: Invercargill can be a bit of a shit town but it’s home and we love it. We’ve got some incredible day one, fans that support us through everything and there are some great places to play music. You just have to look a bit harder for them than you do in the bigger cities. (Take a listen to the song Shanty Town for further commentary on this subject).

Q: What influences are behind The Dense sound?
A: Our sound is something of a melting pot to be fair, largely influenced by New Zealand music from the 80s but pretty much anything with guitars really. Pretty heavy on the Stone Roses and the follow-on Britpop scene too.

Q: Who’s the rock star in the band?
A: Nepia’s the rock star.

Q: Who’s the ladies man?
A: Jacks the ladies man … just the one though

Q: Who’s the comedian?
A: Liam’s the comedian, most of it shit!

An Epic Night @ Southland Musicians Club

An Epic Night

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An epic night of rock at the club with Polarised, Sam Cullen, Filth Wizard, The Dense, and Pipsy. Great energy, great sounds …

Pipsy - The Hopeful Sounds Tour

Pipsy – The Hopeful Sounds Tour

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PIPSY ‘The Hopeful Sounds Tour’ w/ The Dense, Sam Cullen, & Polarised INVERCARGILL
@ Southland Musicians Club

Annual General Meeting 9 feb 2021

Annual General Meeting 9 Feb 2021

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Annual General Meeting
@ Southland Musicians Club